Me only?

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Mainmoon ibn Maihraan reported that a man approached agroup of people who were gathered together. Saying nothing to anyone else, the man turned to one particular attendee of the gathering – Abu Bakr RA – and said, ‘Peace be upon you (asalamu ‘alaykum), O Khaleefah of the Messenger of Allah.’

Reproaching the man for singling him out and for not extending greeting of peace to anyone else, Abu Bakr RA said, ‘Me only? And what about everyone else who is here?’

[Al Jaamai’ Li-Akhlaaq Ar-Raawee Wa-Aadaab As-Saamai’, by Al Khateeb (1/172), 255.]

But don’t you believe…

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Imām al-Dhahabi narrated in his Siyar (12/67) that Yaḥya b. ‘Awn and Imām Suḥnūn entered upon Ibn al-Qaṣṣār whilst he was ill.
“Why are you so worried?” asked Suḥnūn.
“Because of death, and meeting Allah!” replied Ibn al-Qaṣṣār.
“Hold on, don’t you believe in the Messengers, and the Resurrection, and the Accounting, and Heaven, and Hell, and that the best of this nation is Abu Bakr and then ‘Umar, and that the Qur’ān is the uncreated Word of Allah, and that Allah will be seen on the Day of Standing, and that He rose above His throne, and that you don’t bear arms against the leaders even if they oppress?” asked Suḥnūn.
“Yes by Allah, I do!” replied Ibn al-Qaṣṣār.
“Die then if you wish, die,” said Suḥnūn