Ashhab Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez said, `We were with Maalik when a
man from amongst the ‘Alawiyyin (Alawi Sect) stood against him, and they used to come to his gatherings.

So he called out to him, `O Abu ‘Abdullaah!’ So Maalik looked to him, so the Taalibee said to him, `I wish to make you a proof in regards to what is between myself and Allah. When I stand before Him and He asks me, I will say: Maalik said it to me.’ So he said to him, `Speak.’

So he said, `Who is the best of the people
after the Messenger of Allaah (ﷺ)?’ Maalik said, ‘Abu Bakr.’

The ‘Alawi said, `Then who?’ Maalik said, `Then Umar.’

The ‘Alawi said, `Then who?’ Maalik said, `The Caliph who was
killed in oppression, ‘Uthmaan.’

The ‘Alawi said, `By Allah, I will never sit with you, ever.’ Maalik saidto him, `The choice is yours.

(Tarteebul-Madaarik 2/44 -45)