In Saheeh al-Bukhari, it is narrated that one of ‘Aaishah’s necklaces was lost while she was accompanying the Prophet (SAW) on one of his journeys. So the Prophet (SAW) fulfilled a need of his and the Companions did likewise (relieved themselves), yet they had no water. There, they complained about that to Abu Bakr and within the Hadeeth, it mentioned that Allah then revealed the verse allowing Tayammum. 4:43

Afterwards, Usayd ibn Hudhayr said to Abu Bakr:  ما هيَ بأول بركتكم يا آل أبي بكر

“This is not the first time you have been a source of blessings for us, Oh Abu Bakr!”

The Above is extracted from Shaykh Uthaymeen’s usool at-Tafseer